Relatives Sharing a Segment on Chromosome 9

This is a group of relatives who share a segment of chromosome 9 from a common ancestor. In this case, at present (26 June 2019), the identity of this person is uncertain. This segment is usually associated with Britain and Ireland. Janet Reaves shares Charles S. Morrison and his wife Emily C. White as our most recent common ancestors, so this 9 chromosome segment was passed down to us through either Charles or Emily. The question remains, Who is the earliest common ancestor-couple one of whom passed this segment down to every relative on the list? A closer examination of relatives on this list suggest a candidate as common ancestor. Two relatives list the name "Witt" among the lists of their ancestral surnames. Both these women are of the H haplotype, as am I myself. Mildred Witt (b. 1751), the wife of Benjamin Moore, is found on my H-line. Her father was David Witt, married to Sally Harbour (b. 1732). In order to establish the connections suggested by these correspondences, David Witt and Sally Harbour would have to have been the primordial couple from one of whom the 9 chromosome shared by this set of relatives derives. Another woman has the surname "White" listed. On my H-line, the daughter of Mildred Witt, Jane, maried Franklin Harbour, and their daughter, Mary Aisley Harbour, married George Washington White. They are the parents of the aforementioned Emily White. If these connections can be confirmed, this would establish the Witt-Harbour couple as the most recent common ancestors, and therefore the source of this segment of the 9 chromosome. This would imply that everyone on the list will have descended from David Witt and Sally Harbour (and their ancestors). For a chart of these ancestors, see Corrilla Morrison (Morrison Line) Comprehensive Chart.

The results above were compiled from DNA comparisons with Richard L. Dieterle, from a list of relatives shared with Kit Bonds. The two numbers at the ends of the vertical bars indicate the start and end positions on the chromosome.