Relatives Sharing a Segment on Chromosome 8

This is a group of relatives who share a segment of chromosome 8 from a common ancestor. Richard Dieterle and Janet Thibodeau have their most recent common ancestors in Chrisman Lewis and his wife Annie Webb. Thurman Rinehart is descended from Thomas W. Rinehart, who marrried Annie's sister Polly Webb. So the three of us have a most recent common ancestry in their parents, Thomas Webb and Eleanor McMurtry. Therefore, this segment of the 8 chromosome was passed down from the parents of the sisters Annie and Polly, and from them to the three of us aforementioned. From this we may conclude that everyone on this list has received this 8 chromosome segment from one of the children of this couple. Consequently, Thomas Webb and Eleanor McMurtry and their ancestors are the ancestors of everyone on this list. For a chart of these ancestors, see Margaret Lewis Dieterle Comprehensive Chart.

The results above were compiled from DNA comparisons with Richard L. Dieterle, from a list of relatives shared with Janet Thibodeau. The two numbers at the ends of the vertical bars indicate the start and end positions on the chromosome. The following start with 25222165: Janet Thibodeau, Thurman Rinehart, Elizabeth Stripling, Connor Middleton, Kelly Woodard, James Gabbard, and Ken Webb; 25459001: Jessica Walker, Della Middleton, Bobby Keller, Ronald Williamson. The following end with 37000273: Della Middleton, Elizabeth Stripling, Ronald Williamson, Deborah Victoria Jennings; 37408130: Ina Willis, Ronnie Benson, Ken Webb, Marceia Ljubojevic; 38379250: Jessica Walker, Jason Thompson, Deborah Victoria Jennings.