Relatives Sharing a Segment on Chromosome 5

This is a group of relatives who share a segment of chromosome 5 from a common ancestor. These are the relatives who share this chromosome segment with Richard Dieterle (b. 1945). This segment is associated with Britain and Ireland with a 60-70% confidence level. Susan Holman, who is at the top of the list, and I share a common ancestor: George Washington White (1751-1826). This precise result is possible because she is a third half-cousin who is related to me in addition to the 5 chromosome, by the more restricted X chromosome. This is my X chromosome tree. Her relationship to me can be seen in the chart The Descendants of Hugh White. The X chromosome of George Washington White was necessarily passed down to him from his mother, Nancy Lennard Benson (b. ca. 1781, d. 1863). Since Susan Holman and I are not related by any other shared ancestor, this 5 chromosome segment was passed down from Nancy Lennard Benson or her husband Thomas White. This means that everybody on the list inherited the genealogy of Thomas White. By exclusion, we can deduce that the other X chromosome segment in my genome was passed down through George W. White's first wife, Mary A. H. Harbour (1816-1850).

The tan lines mark positions on this segment of the 5 chromosome. A number of people start this segment at precisely the same place, 141188315: Susan Holman, Brianna Magleby, and Susan Stratton.