Relatives Sharing Chromosome 4, Segment 1

This is a group of relatives who share a segment of chromosome 4 from a common ancestor. In this case, at present (22 June 2019) the identity of this person is unknown. It is probably Henry Reynolds, but this lacks sufficient confirmation. We do have two males with the surname "Reynolds," however. This segment is considered to be of northwestern European origins. All comparisons shown below are with Richard Dieterle.

The two numbers at the ends of the vertical bars indicate the start and end positions on the chromosome. These people begin at precisely 8529812: Wayne Reynolds, Sarah Howard, and Richard Harber. The following people end on on 26108745: Kurbie Whitehead, Sarah Howard; the following end somewhat shorter at 26041735: Wayne Reynolds, Suzanne Michelle Early, Michelle Curry, Raymond Reynolds, Stacy Root, Paul Fowler, and Richard Harber.