Relatives Sharing a Segment on Chromosome 2

This is a group of relatives who share a segment of chromosome 2 from a common ancestor. This particular segment is usually associated with Britain and Ireland. Those listed on the diagram are from among the shared relatives of Richard Dieterle (b. 1945) and G. Stevens (b. 1996). One of these is Olen Morrison. Olen and I have known common ancestors in Rev. William Morrison and his wife Elizabeth Snider, but no other common ancestors thereafter. So the chromosome 2 segment had to have been passed down by Rev. or Mrs. Morrison. Janet Reaves and her daughter Kelly StJohn, who have this 2 segment as well, are also known to be descended from the Morrison-Snider union, but diverge from my line at a much later date.

The question remains, does anyone in the set of relatives having this 2 chr. segment derive it from someone earlier than Rev. and Mrs. Morrison? For instance, if this 2 chr. segment was passed down from Elizabeth Snider, might it not have derived from her father, John B. Snider? He is my 4th great-grandfather, and any contemporary descendant from him would be a 5th cousin to me. Due to differences in age, all G. Stevens' 2 chromosome relatives are one generation further removed than they are from me. The Morrison-Snider couple are 4th great-grandparents to me, and would be 5th great-grandparents to G. Stevens. No one in this set of relatives is beyond 5th cousin to her, or 4th cousin to me. The same therefore holds for every member of the chromosome 2 set of relatives, these relative being a subset of all our common kinsmen. The common ancestors cannot, therefore, exceed this generational distance. Consequently, all members of this chromosome 2 group can claim descent from William Morrison and Elizabeth Snider, one of whom is the latest common ancestor to have passed on this chromosome segment.

The two numbers at the ends of the vertical bars indicate the start and end positions on the longest chromosome overlapping all the others belonging to the set.