Relatives Sharing a Segment on Chromosome 17

This is a group of relatives who share a segment of chromosome 17 from a common ancestor with Richard Dieterle (b. 1945). This segment is associated with Britain and Ireland, with a 90% confidence level. Thurman Rinehart is related to me through my 3-G-grandparents, Thomas Webb and Nellie McMurtry. Their daughter Mary Webb married Robert Rinehart Sr., from whom Thurman Rinehart is descended. I am descended from Mary Webb's sister Annie, who married Chrisman Lewis. Aaron Lewis has the precise haplotype of my Lewises: R1b-L1066.1, and therefore shares a common Lewis ancestor with me. Since we are third cousins, this common ancestor is Chrisman Lewis (and his wife Annie Webb). Since the shared heritage of Thurman Rinehart and myself as 4th cousins traces back to Thomas Webb and Nellie McMurtry, it follows that the genetic heritage of the 17 chromosome shared with 3d cousins like Aaron Lewis derives precisely from Annie Webb, who herself derived this chromosome from either Thomas Webb or Nellie McMurtry. So all my 3d cousins having this segment of the 17 chromosome share Annie Webb with me as an ancestor (and, of course, all of her ancestors). For an ancestor chart containing this line of descent, see Margaret Lewis Dieterle Comprehensive Chart (Horizontal). See also, Descendants of Richard Lewis.

The two numbers at the ends of the vertical bars indicate the start and end positions that define the limits of the segment minus its most extreme exemplars. Two people begin at the initial position of 1 on this chromosome (Thurman Rinehart and Naoma Mahoney). The appearance of many others beginning at the 1 starting point is an illusion due to the scale of the diagram. Five people, Naoma Mahoney, Della Middleton, Jeanie Fambro, Linda (Little) Jennings, and Lucille Parker, have their first segment of chromosome 17 end at precisely the same place: 7903610. No one shares a precise starting or ending point in the second segment of this chromosome.