Relatives Sharing a Segment on Chromosome 11

This is a group of relatives who share a segment of chromosome 11 from a common ancestor. In this case, at present (30 June 2019) the identity of this person is unknown. This chromosome segment is usually characterized as "Broadly Northwestern European," but with about 80% confidence, is more specifically British & Irish. This set of relatives seems to be from my father's side, although that cannot be proven. In which case, the relevant British families are Potts, McPherson, Latta, and Pittman.

The two numbers at the ends of the vertical bars indicate the start and end positions on the chromosome. The two bars at the right define the largest set, but three segments that start very near each other lie outside this set necessitating the vertical bar at the extreme left. The DNA strands of both Van Cleave and Gretchen Hammerlein start at precisely 59766499.