Relatives Sharing Chromosome 1, Segment 2

This is a group of relatives who share with Richard Dieterle a segment of Chromosome 1 from a common ancestor. The segment is likely British or Irish with a 90% confidence rating. Both I and Grace Mitzel, who is at the second spot on the list, share a common set of ancestors: Benjamin Moore, Sr. (ca. 1750-1827) and his wife Mildred Witt (1751-1826). This can be viewed on the chart Descendants of John Moore, where her recent ancestor, William Carl Underwood (b. 1906) can be seen towards the lower left of the chart. However, Gracie and I also have a common relative for a segment from Chromosome 6. We cannot determine from which ancestors the 6 Chr. segment came without knowing where the 1 Chr. originated, or finding another common ancestor from among the other relations who have this 6 Chr. segment (or the 1 Chr. segment). This dilemma was solved when it was determined that Chr. 6 came from James McMurtry - Mary Reynolds (see Chr. 6). We also cannot be certain that it did not come from an earlier shared ancestor. However, 23&Me predicts that we share a 3G grandparent, and the couple identified are to me 4G grandparents, so they remain likely candidates for the most recent common ancestors for the 1 Chr. segment match. In any case, everyone on this list is descended from Moore-Witt or one of their ancestors.

The two numbers at the ends of the vertical bars indicate the start and end positions on the chromosome. Cheryl Barber begins at precisely at 166047796 with numerous people close to this starting point; and these end at precisely at 202760658: Michael Burleson, Stephanie Harris, Christina Langlais, and Ronny Griffith. It is interesting to note that Sara Hall, Michael Burleson and Ronny Griffith all share another 1 Chr. segment beginning at 1.